Letter From Bishop Darrell E. Gooden

Rehoboth Christian Center  /  290 High Street  /  Tallapoosa, Georgia   30176  USA
Greetings to All in the name of Jesus Christ,
October is fast coming on us, and it is one of my favorite times of the year, for several reasons.  The turning of the leaves looks [to me] like a big bouquet of flowers.  I love driving through the mountains and greatly enjoy looking at the changing colors.  The majesty of the Creator is seen in the shades of red, yellow, orange, and more.
The second reason is that it is the time of year that Kathy and I began Pastoring.  38 years ago, we started out with only 15 people in a Cotton Mill Village.  We didn’t know our future, only God did.  We really did not have big dreams, as some say they had when they started.  We had each other, our children and 10-15 people.  The people loved us, and as we went, God taught us and we learned.
The church began to grow, and as it did people who were “unchurched” began to come.  They became believers, and later leaders.
It was with these people that Kathy and I began to build, and build we did!
We began to participate in the IMF Fellowship, and in time we were asked to take leadership roles in the Fellowship.  As we faithfully served the IMF Fellowship, greater opportunities became available to us.  Five years ago, we [Kathy and I] became co-Presidents of the IMF Fellowship.
In all honesty, when we accepted that leadership role, we had no idea what God had in store for the Fellowship, and to this day we continue to stand amazed.
When we took the reins, the Fellowship had approximately 1,100 members.  God granted us His favor and the Fellowship has grown to more than 2,000 in the United States and approximately 5,000 around the globe.
Only a few months from now, October 21-24, 2018 our 39th Annual International Conference will begin at Rehoboth Christian Center, in Tallapoosa, GA.  This is our largest event of the year.  People will be coming from around the globe to receive Spiritual impartation and empowerment.
This will be a huge investment on the part of the IMF Fellowship, and we need your help in a BIG way!
This is a great opportunity to sow in good and fertile ground and to know you will reap a huge harvest.  Kathy and I are thankful, that you desire to help so many in Ministry, who are coming from so far away.  Please move quickly to sow your seed.  The Word tells us there is a time to plant, and different seed must be planted at different times.  If you miss the right time to plant, you will not get the expected harvest.  This is the time to plant your seed, so again I urge you to move quickly to sow.  The ground has already been prepared.
Over the years through building great relationships, we have learned the right people, who are honest.  We have helped build a Bible School and partnered with a Bible College, dug wells, fed thousands with food in other countries, as well as been a part of many crusades where thousands have come to the Lord.
We have been, as we will continue to be, good stewards of God’s money.  Many of you have made these things (and more) possible.
Kathy and I have never asked anything for ourselves.  We ask for others.
The Campmeeting – IMF International Conference being held October 21-24, is a great opportunity to make a difference for so many.  It takes thousands.  As you join us in sowing seed to the nations of the world, you will be expanding your territory and barns to make room for the harvest to come.  Because you sow bountifully, so shall you reap bountifully.
Yours in Christ,
Bishop Darrell E. Gooden
Rehoboth Christian Center
Cell:  770-301-9913